Number Three on Amazon for Children’s Superhero Books – And Why My Book is Slightly Pricey!

The Gamer Gogs was ranked number three in children’s superhero books back in the fall. Now, it’s holding steady and has done well at book fairs. However, the more support received, the more writing I can do. Sometimes people click on the link and wonder why my book is $15. Yes, if I may wax marketing, It is a very nice addition, 6″x 8″ with thick paper – not a mass-market paperback. But beyond its quality, an independent endeavor always cost a little more. The same way people shop when possible at a smaller store for quality items as compared to a big box store. My intent is not to make money on my book, except what’s needed to allow me to continue. Your purchase makes a huge difference! And your positive review on Amazon is a beacon to the world saying, “Give this a try!” This is not a product, it’s a movement. Please join me. I cannot thank you enough.

Be Solo

The vitality of a new movement in art must be gauged by the fury it arouses.
— Logan Pearsall Smith

No, not Han Solo. Though that would be cool. Okay. Be Han, but in so doing BE YOURSELF. Find inspiration where you will but when it comes to your creations be your own compass, a self innovator. 

The Witch’s Boy

I just finished reading this book by Kelly Barnhill. This book is a wonderful combination of magic, loss, coming of age and friendship. It’s a tale of two lonely kids taking on elements far greater than themselves and finding each other in the journey. Barnhill weaves the plot slowly with touching detail paid to how children grow through pain, wonder and adventure. Oh, there’s also magic and bandits and giant rock monsters. A read for the adventurer and thinker!

Greenglass House by Kate Milford

This book is a retreat; a perfect winter break read. Atmospheric as a very vivid, very real dream you can almost touch. Though I had to wade a bit through parts, the world was so lovely, so oddly embraceable yet hinting at strange, that I fell in. The characters seep into your affection rather than slap you in the face with easy quirks and broad strokes, and when finished it’s apparent that Ms. Milford accomplished her task fully creating a real world magical escape.

Some Favorite Reads

Trying to squeeze in as many reads as possible is my goal, and is challenging with all going on. Here are my favorites. in 2014 I started and am still reading, Greenglass House by Kate Milford. I imagine it would also be on this list. A perfect holiday break read. Here are some others:

Both of Jonathan Auxier’s books: The Night Gardener and Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes. Also the legendary The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper. Worse Things Happen at Sea is the follow up to Alan Snow’s Here Be Monsters. Both these books are wonderfully innocent, whimsical reads. Also, and most notably if you’re into the genre, The Monster Blood Tattoo Trilogy by D.M. Cornish. Yes, all these reads are middle grade and YA!


A Bucket Full of Kids’ Cool

Cadddy doper

I’m undergoing an invasion. Bludgeoning, relentless. Midnight, midday. At work and at home. A massacre of every moment. It’s like one of those giant automatons from the movies, crashing through the landscape. People running, screaming bloody murder, stumbling over kittens and lobsters, or whatever the heck happens to be in the street, as they scramble over each other, every soul for themselves, clawing in a mad dash to escape the giant foot that, come on, let’s be fo’ real, is going to smash the putty out of every dag nabbed person in the city. Smashed out. Putty.  Nasty. I digress.

KIDS. Kids have taken me over: my three girls, my students, my readers  (which as of yet – let’s be honest and fo’ real – there aren’t yet many). So, I’ve embraced it. Kids are my life. Literally. (And figuratively.)

If you like kids, or are one, read this blog and you’ll possibly stumble upon stuff about:


Pocket knives

Children’s literature

Star Wars

Fun things to create

Pancreases that eat themselves (you probably know it as type 1 diabetes)

Star Wars


The latest in girls’ hair accessories. (Fo’ real.)

Star Wars

The occasional samurai sword and/or ninja stuff

The way you have to live your life. NOW. GO. I mean it. I know the answers. (I have no idea as to the answers. Have fun? Try hard? Eat food?)

Haribo Gummis (If you’re eating other gummis your wasting your time. Actually, you’re wasting everybody’s time. So stop.)

The Loch Ness Monster

 When and when not to toot

Rumpelstiltskin (And how it emotionally scarred me. Forever. And ever.)

Cool things we all need to buy. With other people’s monies. 

New York City (where everyone should live for at least a little bit)

The Muppets


Manchewla The Gorger Tee-Shirts are Coming!

We’re testing tees and graphics we like. Once we hit the winning combo, they’ll be for sale on my site.

First TEE Pic

This pic shows Percy, the narrator of the original Manchewla puppet play…for adults…when it wasn’t a middle-grade novel and a character smoking would not have raised an eye. Come to think of it, Percy may not be for sale. Ahem. Don’t smoke.