Two Favorite New Authors: Jonathan Auxier and D. M. Cornish

peter_nimble-600x250Okay, one of these authors definitely leans toward young adult as opposed to middle grade, but shimmy your slim slam to a book store and get your hands on these authors’ works.


Jonathan Auxier is an author gaining notoriety as an instant master with his two novels: Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes (his debut), and The Night Gardener. Both very different, both very fantastical, the latter spooky and the former sweet and outlandish. Read them, read them. That’s all I’m going to say.



foundlingD. M. Cornish is an Australian author whom I simply cannot believe isn’t more know for his incredibly and deeply developed, far-reaching and completely engaging Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy: Foundling, Lamplighter, and Factotum. These novels weave a near-completely unique world smacking of steam punk and the Napoleonic era, where monsters and humans live a competitive existence, each infringing on each other’s lands. Young ones are recruited into service as lamplighters who light the far-stretching roads, protecting travelers from wandering beasts. Add in Jedi-esque lone warrior women composed of strange transplanted organs kept fit though draughts of strange brews and Cornish creates an entirely delightful, detailed, epic story that should be on everyone’s tongue far before the names of many cookie-cutter YA fantasy authors. Again, these books probably start at a 13 year-old audience, and carry well into entertaining adults…43 year-old adults, even.