Number Three on Amazon for Children’s Superhero Books – And Why My Book is Slightly Pricey!

The Gamer Gogs was ranked number three in children’s superhero books back in the fall. Now, it’s holding steady and has done well at book fairs. However, the more support received, the more writing I can do. Sometimes people click on the link and wonder why my book is $15. Yes, if I may wax marketing, It is a very nice addition, 6″x 8″ with thick paper – not a mass-market paperback. But beyond its quality, an independent endeavor always cost a little more. The same way people shop when possible at a smaller store for quality items as compared to a big box store. My intent is not to make money on my book, except what’s needed to allow me to continue. Your purchase makes a huge difference! And your positive review on Amazon is a beacon to the world saying, “Give this a try!” This is not a product, it’s a movement. Please join me. I cannot thank you enough.